Michael W. Taylor

Michael Taylor is one of the co-founders of the SIVA model and is presently a CARF surveyor in Behavioral Health, and specializes in policy development and program design. Mr. Taylor is also the owner and Executive Director of Carmichael Enterprises Residential Programs, Ltd. He has more than 20 years of front-line experience working with mentally ill and developmentally delayed clients. 

His commitment to the understanding and implementation of best practices in the field has led him to mentor a wide- range of agencies seeking accreditation, and improved programming and management.  He is passionate about creating quality programs for the mentally ill and developmentally delayed, and the organizational culture that will support long-term, positive development.

Don Castaldi, Psy. D.

Dr. Don Castaldi has a doctorate in clinical psychology with specializations in attachment, trauma and forensics. He is a Founder of the SIVA Training programs and the Executive Director of DC Waterstone Services, a private company providing therapy, consultation and training in the fields of clinical, organizational and forensic psychology. He is a perennial clinical advisor to Footholds Therapy Centre; an agency dedicated to providing education and therapy services to children and youth with Autism, FASD, trauma histories, and emotional / behavioural challenges. Dr. Castaldi is also perennial clinical advisor to Bill’s Place; a residential therapy program supporting youth and adults with brain injury, trauma and dual diagnosis.    

Dr. Castaldi has over 20years of experience working with people of all ages with severe psychopathology, neuro-developmental challenges, addictive / obsessive behaviours and with people who have endured traumatic events and perpetrated acts of abuse. His clinical / forensic training and work experience has occurred in a myriad of environments from school, community therapy and industrial settings to hospital and forensic settings. Dr. Castaldi’s extensive work with school and treatment programs has largely focused on understanding the complexity of severe psychopathology, abuse and challenging behaviours with the goal of building a consistent framework of support and sustainable change for educators and students. 

Dr. Castaldi’s work experience in organization / industrial settings has largely focused on self-care, leadership development and the building of capacity and productivity. He has also collaborated with companies to develop workplace culture stability and restorative models of support for professionals with emotional and interpersonal challenges and for individuals who have endured traumatic events and engaged in acts of abuse.  

In forensic and criminal justice settings, Dr. Castaldi’s astute examination and insight of severe psychopathology and violent / deviant behaviour has led him to be a sought after consultant and clinician on matters of dangerousness, sexual predatory behaviour, polygraph examination, police interviewing and crisis response. 

In both Canada and the United States Dr. Castaldi has been celebrated for his knowledge, insight and ability to understand complex cases and transform how professionals think about the people they engage and support. Throughout all segments of his clinical, organizational and forensic work, the understanding of resilience, relational dynamics and the building of sustainable models of support have been paramount. Dr. Castaldi has infused his years of knowledge and experience into the SIVA model to offer professionals, families and individuals receiving support a comprehensive approach that honours attachment, holistic safety and our ability to grow. 

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