SIVA (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) is a Canadian-based provider of specialized support and safety management services to national and international education, therapy and residential programs responsible for children, youth and adults with emotional and behavioural challenges, neurodevelopmental delays, dual diagnosis, brain injury, histories of trauma and perpetration of abuse. SIVA promotes and inspires holistic safety that derives from proactive systemic and direct support decision-making and the continuous development of trusted relationships among programs, significant others and individuals receiving support.

supporting individuals through valued attachments

SIVA Incentive Program!

SIVA will be offering a new incentive program  for organizations currently using CPI and Mandt systems. We will be doing several Train The Trainer programs in BC and Alberta beginning in November 2017 and into 2018. SIVA has proven to be more cost effective as well as in line with Provincial standards and Canadian standards. A Canadian model created by Canadians that work directly in the field on a daily basis.

“Over the years, Becon Support Services has tried several such intervention  programs (including MANDT and CPI) and we believe SIVA is the best one out there.” 
Senior Coordinator of Residential and Individualized Services 
 Becon Support Services 

The SIVA Program

SIVA Training has developed a holistic, relationship-based model that effectively utilizes collaboration, goal-direction, self-management and healthy empowerment to strengthen relationships and create safety with individuals with challenging behaviours and complex needs. An alternative to crisis-focused programs, the SIVA philosophy and guiding principles inspire problem solving, decision-making and systemic change in how programs establish and maintain safety. The SIVA model is further represented by clear and concise relationship-based strategies of support that participants are able to apply immediately upon completion of the training.

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