Self Care and Compassion Fatigue

Breathing Wellness Into Supportive Relationships

SIVA (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) holds the belief that healthy self-care and the ongoing management of compassion fatigue is paramount to the success of supportive relationships. The values, beliefs and characteristics of professionals and families act as the catalyst and medium through which a person receives support. The genuine, authentic and ongoing self-evaluation of this relational dynamic often determines the quality and health of the support provided.

Compassion is quintessential to the establishment of trust, respect and safety in any growth promoting relationship. Unfortunately, a limited understanding of self-care can lead to diminished productivity and compassion fatigue. A support person is vulnerable to feeling unqualified, overextended, and isolated in their efforts to motivate and evoke change. Too often, frustration and emotional exhaustion replace compassion and the people being supported tend to endure an arrest of development and/or a regression. As a result, a competent and healthy understanding of self-care and the successful management of compassion fatigue is crucial to the longevity and efficacy of any model for self-care.

Self-Care and the healthy management of compassion fatigue is a core component of SIVA Trainings hallmark Two-Day and Train the Trainer programs. Given the infinite value of self-care in any supportive relationship this program has been expanded to half-dayand full-day sessions. As a stand-alone program, the self-care session has been presented to educators, mental health professionals, industrial organizations and families in small groups of 30 participants to large conference and school district size groups of 400 participants. Instructors of SIVA work closely with programs to tailor sessions that meet the needs of specific groups. Learn how a self-care session can be of benefit to you and/or your program.

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